Avaya IPO SIP trunk channels all in use – Troubleshooting

Avaya IPO SIP trunk channels all in use

This error you will see most often when you implement new IPO and configure SIP Trunk channel. Reason you see this message “Avaya IPO SIP trunk channels all in use ” because you did not configure SIP session numbers correct thou you have SIP Trunk channel licenses but still you need to configure below to make calls via SIP trunk channel.


IP Office Server Edition

Also applicable for IP Office Anywhere demo systems.


avaya ipo SIP trunk channels all in use


Case 2: IP Office Server Edition 10.0.3


Problem Clarification

Not able to make any outgoing or incoming calls using the SIP line.

The phone display shows “unobtainable

System Status Application shows Service alarms:
The following licenses are all in use.
License Type: SIP Trunk Channels


No free channels were available
Outgoing droup ID: X
[where X is the SIP line group]

System Monitor traces show the following after the targetting;

Sip: SIP Line (3): License, Valid 1, Available 0, Consumed 0
Sip: SIP Line (3): Outgoing Call in excess of License: Consumed: 0, Available: 0




In Manager, System > Telephony > Telephony.
Set the “Maximum SIP Sessions” value greater than 0.

Manager Help provides the following information for the setting;

Default = 0.
This field is shown for Server Edition systems. On Server Edition systems, the Maximum SIP Sessions value must match the total number of SIP set and trunk calls that can occur at the same time.

The Maximum SIP Sessions setting determines the number of SIP Trunk Channel licenses reserved for concurrent sessions on any SIP trunks provided by the server. Those licenses are reserved from the pool of SIP Trunk Channel licenses in the configuration of the Primary Server.

Case 2: This setting has change location and name in 10.0 and higher releases. It is now SIP Trunk Sessions, located under License > Remote Server Tab within IP office Manager;