How to Install Windows 10 x64 on Vmware Workstation 11 and Small Over View

Install Windows 10 x64 on Vmware Workstation

Microsoft had launched Windows 10 Technical Preview Evaluation Image.

This is an early release, which can be risky at the same time. So you can use or test this release in your Lab Environment as this release is not recommended or suitable for production cases.

I’ve installed windows 10 on my Vmware Workstation 11 version. Remember on Vmware 11 supports Window 10 at the moment. Any earlier version dose not have Windows 10 option.

If you want to download ISO image of Windows 10 x64 or Windows x32 bit OS. Please follow the link below from where you should be able to download.

Windows 10 Download

Before you begin make sure you have below mentioned minimum requirement in place.

a. Processor 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster
b. RAM 1 GB ram for 32 bit, 2 GM ram for x64 bit
c. 16 GB free Hard disk
d. Microsoft Account
e. Graphic Card: Microsoft DirectX 9

Please watch the below and you can leave your comments.