Learn How to Backup Cisco Switch Configuration on TFTP Server – Step by Step


Backup Cisco Switch Configuration

How to Backup Cisco Switch Configuration Step by Step



Configuration Procedure

This article and video tutorial is all about doing  backup Cisco switch configuration, this is the one of the rapid way of doing the backup. All you need on TFTP Services running Laptop or minor desktop on which you can install any TFTP services application (Solar winds). then you can follow the below steps to accomplish.

Step by Step:-

Login on Switch

Switch#copy running-config tftp:

Then Enter

Address or name of remote host []? (Enter IP Address of your TFTP Server)

Destination filename [Switch-confg]?(Enter the config file name you want to keep)

After successful back you should be able to see as below

Writing running-config…!!

[OK – 1292 bytes]




1292 bytes copied in 0.001 secs (1292000 bytes/sec)
Hope the above steps steps will help you to backup cisco switch configuration, and for more understand please watch the below video