Link2Call, the new feature of Elastix Business Edition

Elastix Business Edition is a solution designed to increase the end-user productivity and external customer service.

We are adding “Link2Call” to the existing functionalities of Webphone, Chat by SIP, Supercharged contacts and support for LDAP.


Link2Call, the new feature of Elastix Business Edition

Link2Call is a functionality designed to generate a temporary link that can be sent by an Elastix Business Edition user to an external user and start a conversation through a WebRTC capable Browser. The call is established between the client’s browser and the internal user’s Webphone that generated the link for this call.

The advantages of Link2Call are obvious, since we can generate a call that has no telephony cost, but there is an even greater advantage, it is not necessary for that client to exist in our contacts or in third party platforms to make a call, we simply share the Link and the call is made without having to register in any other service. This is ideal for contacts with new clients.

webc1 webc2

“With Link2Call we are looking to boost small and medium-sized companies that are looking to internationalize their services and do not have an international operator yet,” said Edgar Landivar on VoIP2Day Madrid. “A company doesn’t need an operator to start establishing communication with its customers and this is a functionality that adds a lot of productivity and profit to the company,” he concluded.

Link2Call and other two features – “Video calls” and “Live Chat” – will be included on the release of Elastix Business Edition, prior the end of November.

Stay tuned for new releases in the following weeks.


Source: Elastic