WFO: Can ACR(Avaya Contact Recorder) 12 (Bulk Recording) has a capabiltiy to record IP and digital extensions simultaneously?

ACR in Bulk recording modes - INTEGRATION IT

Yes, Digital and IP phones are able to be recorded by the ACR in Bulk recording modes simultaneously. This IP based recording solution allows recording of IP endpoints as well as digital and analog endpoints without extra wiring to the telephone. Thus the same software-based solution can accommodate digital, IP, Analog, and mixed environments. The recording solution can follow you as you migrate from current technologies to IP. Call Recording is therefore just another service on your network.

In the case of legacy TDM based NES CS1000 environments, both extension side and trunk side deployments are supported; exploiting industry standard line interface cards from Ai-Logix hosted in typical Tier 1 off the shelf server hardware.