ACCS: Does ACCS(Avaya Contact Center Select) be recorded with Avaya WFO (Workforce Optimization)?


Avaya WFO recording with AVAYA ACCS

Avaya ACCS recording with AVAYA WFO


Question ?

Does Avaya WFO recording with AVAYA ACCS ?


No, Avaya WFO is not supported with ACCS also I don’t see any plans from the product house to support this in future as well because Avaya WFO is supported only with CM(Communication Manager)/CS1K(Communication Server 1000).
ACCS integrates through IPO Contact Recorder. Please find below excerpt from the latest ACCS 6.4.2 Offer Definition guide: 
(Avaya WFO recording with AVAYA ACCS)

Product Interdependency Requirements
– When the Channel Partner or customer provisions the server to support Avaya Contact Center Select DVD and OVA configuration, they will be required to also obtain a Windows 2008 R2 OS license.
– The Avaya Contact Center Select Hardware Appliance ships with Windows 2008 R2 OS and Avaya Contact Center Select application installed and the OS activation sticker is supplied. The installer must activate the Windows OS license.
– When provisioning Avaya Contact Center Select for IP500 V2 or Server Edition, Contact Recorder will require an additional two HDD be field installed on an application server or the primary server to support the Contact Recorder call recording feature in IP Office Contact Center.

– Server requirements to support IP Office Contact Center and Contact Recorder are outlined below. Documentation will be provided on the Avaya Contact Center Select Product page on or SME Sales Portal