How to Install Avaya IP Office Server Edition 9.1 on Vmware with ova template – Step by Step

How to Deploy Avaya IP Office Server Edition 9.1 Step by Step

So far Avaya has done excellent job and has designed many of their core application with Vmware ova file. I’ve seen Avaya AACC, Avaya Utility, Avaya CM and many more application now can be deployed with VMWARE ova template. This is one good step from Avaya which definitely saves number of hours for installation Engineer and have seen more productivity from the team.

Now today i’ll share my installation experience of Avaya IP Office Server Edition Deployment ova file (VMWARE) with you guys. I’ll not drag this conversation further long and let start the topic.

So as i said above this is article is all about How to Install Avaya IP Office Server Edition 9.1 or IP office Server Edition deployment or you can tag this topic as how to deployment Avaya IP Office Server edition on Vmware. I’ve download ova tamplete from official Avaya Website and it’s called ova file (Open Virtualization Application) you can Google it on OVA if you need further information on it.

Your downloaded file should look same as below image.

I’ve VMWARE Workstation 11 installed in my Laptop, which will be used to deploy our IP Office ova template.

This OVA template contains Linux Operating system and Avaya IP Office Server Edition Application.

So before we begin let me tell me recommended hardware or Vmware resources requirement for the deployment.

IP Office Needs required below listed recommended requirement.

4 Processors
100 GB Hard Drive
2 Network Cards

If you are planning to implement VmPro and Contact Recorder then you need extra Hard Drive space and Disk Partition on the server.

Since we are doing this installation for the LAB demonstration, i’ll use the minimum resources which should be enough for today.

So lets begin.

How to Install Avaya IP Office Server Edition 9.1

1) First we will launch VMWAR then click on File –> Open –> then select IP Office Ova template.

then select the IP Office ova file as shown below

Then before you click import, rename the machine as you desire (please note this is not the IP Office Hostname).

Then click “Accept” and once you click accept the import process will start, the process may take 5 8 minutes before the VMWARE makes the machine ready, so you need to have patience at this point.

Once the import process is finished, you should be able to see as below figure
the Vmware IP Office virtual machine is ready to boot, but as i mentioned earlier if it’s LAB you can reduce the recourses like RAM and Processor it’s your call. Once you are done with the customization please click on Power on Virtual Machine

As you can see below Vmware machine has take the ova tamplete and the Linux boot process has begun. the VM machine will start in between 1 or 2 time. and then it you come up the screen with the ip address indication. Please follow the below screen shots.

Now if you see the screen as below, that’s mean you basic installation has been done “Congratulations”

You can find the configured default ip and on LAN 2

After the installation you need to launch application for the initial system parameter

Open your Internet Explorer and enter the ip address with the port number

This will take you to the IP Office system page as shown below withe following username password

username: root
password: Administrator (default)

Once you logged in, you should see the page as shown below. Click on Accept and then next

Select Primary Server Edition for this installation scenario.

Click Next

Now at the position you have change to change your IP Office ip address and the gateway address mention DNS IP address as well if it is available.

Enter NTP IP Address if it’s required.

Select if you are using A-law or u-law in your region

Now you need to pick the new password for the logins. please note down somewhere because you will need these password in daily routine maintenance.

Click Generate Certificate new

Link on one of the link below to install the certificate.

After the configuration is done, system will ask 8 minute time to reinitialize the new configuration and will redirect you to page again

After the system comes back in operational mode, please login to the following link to make sure all the core services are running

Username: Administrator
password: the one your configure above








The page will load and will take few minute






Once the loading is done the below page will  come up in which you will find all necessary information and can see all core services are in running mode.

Hope you have enjoyed and learned something from article please share and give your feedback.

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