Migrate Avaya WFO v12 to v15


This document Migrate Avaya WFO V12 to v15 is for people who are planning to migrate their existing WFO 12 SP1 to WFO 15.1


V12.0 SP1 migration overview


There are two options for migration from aV12.0 SP1 HFR6 system. One option is aside-by-side migration, where a new set of Data Center servers is required. The secondoption is to reuse the existing DC servers.
Gradual migration is supported for large and multi-site systems, where the DC is migrated first and the remote sites are migrated gradually one at a time. Like the DC servers, site servers can also be replaced by new servers or reused.
The side-by-side option is recommended overthe reuse option for the DC servers. For large Data Centers, the side-by-side option is the only viable option.

Advantages of the side-by-side option

  • The side-by-side procedure minimizes upgrade downtime and risks.
  • The side-by-side option allows you to expand your system to a higher deploymentlevel, or to a different configuration as part of the migration process. If expansion is required, the side-by-side option must be used.
  • The side-by-side supports rollback by reverting to the V12.0 SP1 DC in case a rollback is needed.
  • Since V15.1 version requires a major Windows operating system version change,this procedure provides an opportunity to refresh the existing servers with new servers and new OS.


Advantages of the server reuse option

  • The server reuse procedure is suitable for small systems, as it requires more time to run than the side-by-side procedure.
  • The main advantage of this option is to preserve the customer investment on hardware in case the customer has recently purchased new hardware


Migrate Avaya WFO V12 to v15