Avaya Contact Center Select Business Continuity with Avaya IPO 9.1 – Part 1

Avaya ACCS with IPO

Avaya ACCS with IP Ofice

Business Contunuity

There is very less people out there in the market who knows about Avaya ACCS Avaya Contact Center Select. Avaya has recently launched AACS and added one more Contact Center solution in their portfolio. ACCS  apparently does the job as good as AACC (Avaya Aaura Contact Center). At the moment i do not have any Benchmark for AACS and AACC. I’ll do my best to gather more information on this.




1. Avaya Contact Center Select Business Continuity is supported only with IP Office Server Edition Release 9.1, Select and Standard modes.
2. To configure AACS Business Continuity resilience your Application should be patched minimum to SP 15, else you will not find Business Continuity feature in application 


So in this article i’ll show you how to configure your Avaya ACCS with IP Office resilience in order to make your CTI & SIP link working.
This is how our server and their physical link looks like


Avaya AACS Resilience
AACS Diagram

Configure ACCS Active

In this AACS Primary i’ll take you trough the Primary configuration with snapshots.
At this moment im assume you have finished your application installation and have applied all the latest patches.

The next you need to launch your Server Configure tool and follow the below screenshots.

  • Add General Information including server IP address
Avaya Contact center select Configuration


  • Pick your License Package
Avaya Contact center select Configuration


  • In this section you need to add your IP Office information. IP Office Primary Server IP address and IF  you have secondary IP office you need to check “Use IP Office Resilience”
Avaya Contact center select Configuration


  • Enter your SIP Doamin name and Port number .Enter your Primary IP office and Secondary SIP extension. Enter the password e.g: 12345678
  • Note: Primary & Secondary SIP extension should be different
Avaya Contact center select Configuration


  • Since its a co resident server, we can leave this as default


  • If you are planning to use AACS web services then you need to configure SOA Enabled.

Configure Primary IP Office

So before we move into Secondary ACCS, lets go and configure our Primary IP Office.

  • First we will configure our LAN IP address, which we used about in ACCS Network Settings
  • Then Click on VOIP Tab. and make sure you have configure as below
  1. SIP Trunk Enable
  2. SIP Register Enable
  3. Domain Name (Make sure, your Domain Name Should Match with AACS Domain name)
  4. Select UDP and TCP ports
  • Once you are done with Domain and SIP configuration. In the same interface TAB go all the to end till you reach “Contact Center” Tab.
  1. In Contact Center Application “Avaya Contact Center Select”
  2. Enter AACS Managed IP (We are simulating ressilience enviroment, i’ll show you later where ti configure Managed IP) if you have single AACS you can enter AACS main IP.
  3. enter following username and password “accssync” (For user data synchronization, IP Office connects to Avaya Contact Center Select using the Contact Center Manager Administration “accssync” user account details.)

Now lets move on and we will configure SIP extension number which i showed in above ACCS configuration

  • As you can see we have configure 6666 extension number in our primary IP Office and password.

Then clikc on “Telephony” Tab and click on Supervisor and enter the following password “12345678”

Now we will create Short code in our Primary IP Office to Map real number to CDN number which is configured in ACCS.
For example below:

if someone dials 6666 the call will be routed to 4000 CDN number, and from there ACCS will treat the calls according to call script.

Last make sure you have ACCS and Thirdparty license available in IP Office Primary and Secondary

We will continue  our article in next part in which i’ll demonstrate the secondary server configuration