Avaya Software Policy Change

Avaya Software Policy Change

Yesterday i received an email from Avaya about Avaya Software Policy Change. Avaya is making a very important change about their product policy and Avaya has listed out some effected software’s and release which will not be available anymore to download from Avaya website. Thou the effected software release are still applicable for any sort of support and bug fixes, but in-case your product is crashed or if the product need any next level Patch to be applied (will not be available or downloadable from Avaya Website). Therefore, you need to check your product Software version and current release and download all patches and software’s before 31st May 2018 before they disappear from Avaya website.

Check Attached Product list from Avaya and take an action accordingly.


  1. If you product falls under the impacted software below are the options for you.

A. Download all the software and patches and save it on your laptop.

B. Plan and upgrade or update so your Product doesn’t fall under the effected software


2.  If in case you are not sure whether your product falls under this impact category

You can open a ticket with Avaya and they will download the products for you according to your current version (Remember they will not apply or install any patch for you)



Avaya effected product list