Connecting two Avaya IP Office via SIP Trunk

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Connecting two AVAYA IP OFFICE via SIP Trunk. Go through it and leave your comments.

How to connect two Avaya IP Offices by SIP trunk.

Hello everyone!

Today I’m going to tell you how to connect two IP Offices by sip trunk.
I’ll show you how to do it for main and branch offices which situated far from each other.

Let’s imagine 
We need to connect main office (King’s Landing) and branch office (Winterfell). Long distance…King’s Landing has its own network structure, Winterfell too. King’s Landing use a big telephone provider resources and sell phone connection opportunity to other lands and companies, Winterfell use phone connection from small North area provider. 
Let’s start: first steps.
1)   First step we should make Internet connection between two offices. In our case, we had created VPN tunnel by Cisco’s routers. VPN provides Winterfell an opportunity to use network resources of King’s Landing.
2) We should set Avaya IP Office  in Winterfell.(King’s Landing has IPO 500 v.2 and necessary licenses for sip trunk channels)
We bought IP Office 500 v2  8.1 (43) control unit,
Combo card: 6 digital users, 2 analogue users, 4 anlogue lines, + VCM channels
Licenses: Essential edition, Sip trunk channels 1, Sip trunk channels 5.
3) After fixing IPO in Winterfell castle we should configure it by Manager. And Don’t forget that for v 8.1 you need Manager 10.1 !!!!
And now we should do all daily steps for configurig new IP office. (I will not describe this steps, because I’m sure everyone who reads such posts has already known about how to configure IP Office)
4) At this moment our IPO should be connected to network and you can have opportunity to remote adminisstration this IPO from King’s Landing,,,hmmm… and who would be an administrator of Ip Office in King’s Landing… maybe… maester Pycelle who is responsible for “raven’s navigation and connection belween different part of Westeros and Capital”….maybe….
Creating SIP trunk between two IPO
IPO branch office configuration
  (I use Russian interface, but in English every options is in the same places of interface)
1. Create new sip line
2. Configurring new sip line
2.1 SIP line settings
2.2 Transport settings.
Here you should write IP address of IPO in King’s Landing (for example and choose Layer 4 protocol (default – UDP)
2.3 SIP URI Settings.
Here you should add new two channels (click add).
First channel (here #8) is for incoming call routing.
Second channel (here #7) is for outgoing calls.
(you can choose any digit for channel name. But be sure that digits for sip channel is not the same with other line’s id. Here I have three analogue line with line id 0, 1 and 2, and sip line with 7 and 8)
On the pic you can see how to set channel for incoming call routing:
through              no
Local URI         *
Contact             *
Name                *
PAI                   no
Registrtion         0:<no>
Incoming group 8
Outgoing group 8
Max calls per channel   2
On this pic you can see how to set channel for outgoing calls:

through              no
Local URI         Use internal data
Contact             Use internal data
Name                Use internal data
PAI                   no
Registrtion         0:<no>
Incoming group 7
Outgoing group 7
Max calls per channel   2


2.4 VoIP settings
Here we should choose codec (It is G.729(a) 8K CS-ACELP), fax protocol  –  T38.
Other two settings pages here ( Fax T38 and SIP Credentials) can be default.
3. Users settings.
Change second parameter from name to User’s phone number. All these three parameters should be user’s phone numder (here  it is 2030). Do this operation for all users and hunting groups.
4. Short codes settings.
Short codes are for outgoing calls. You can create new codes as the system codes or local codes. I created codes for end user, because some users have special outgoing calls settings.
For example user 2030. He can make outgoing calls by the group of analogue lines (9N   N  call   51  – ARS settings) and can call by short internal number to main office by SIP trunk.
Numbering of ouur office looks like 1xxx, 2xxx, 5xxx. And short code will look like
code                 1xxx
phone number    .
function              call
line                     7 (sip channel for outgoing calls)
other codes the same:
5. Incoming call route settings.
Here we should set how incoming calls from King’s Landing by sip trunk will be landed on Winterfell users.
For example: incoming call to 2007 by sip trunk (incoming routing channel  –  8)
will be landed on extention 2007 – destination:
And all Winterfell users are set the same way.
6. IP Route settings.
Don’t forget about routing!
so… This is all settings for branch office. Now I’ll show you main office station settings.
IPO main office configuration
1.  IPO at theKing’s Landing is old version (5.0) and looks a little another than version 8.1. But all steps are the same. Creating and setting new SIP line
1.1  SIP line settings. 
Here we set IP Address ITSP – addres of Winterfell IPO (for example, choose Layer 4 protocol.
1.2 SIP URI settings.
Here we set channels for outgoung calls and incoming call routing.
57 – for outgoing calls.
58 – for incoming call routing
These channels configuration is the same as in Winterfell (look up for 2.3)
1.3 VoIP settings
Here you should choose codec. You can shoose auto mode or to choose the same codec as in Winterfell IPO VoIP settings (look up 2.4)
Fax T38 settings can be in default mode.
2. Short codes settings.
Here we set how King’s Landing users can call to Winterfell users
Such codes are set for all Winterfell user’s numbers. Of course you can make yor own rule how to call to Winterfell but dont forget to choose right line ID (for this example – 57  – sip channel for outgoing calls to branch office)
3. Incoming call routing settings
Here we set incoming calls forKing’s Landing from Winterfell.
 any voice
Line ID   58
incoming number -2007
destination – ext 2007
4. IP Route settings
 we should set routing between two lands:
Connecting two Avaya IP Office via SIP Trunk - INTEGRATION IT
And thatis all!
Let’s try our SIP trunk.
1) by calls. Call to your Winterfell.
2) Open “System status” and look at the line status.
I’ll show you my results:
Connecting two Avaya IP Office via SIP Trunk - INTEGRATION IT
I tested my connection with IP address’s Landing). Test was successful. 

Now Winterfell is connected with King’s Landing by SIP.

And you cansee that sp line is in use:
Connecting two Avaya IP Office via SIP Trunk - INTEGRATION IT