Today i’ll take you through on how to do Elastix 4 Installation step by step. I’ve been doing tutorial on Avaya from last couple of months. So this time decided to take a look at alternative opportunities in the market and learn different PBX.
elastix 4 installation


Elastix 4 Installation Step by Step


This article will cover Elastix Installation Step by Step and will cover as much as i could. you need following items in place before you can start your Lab and Demo installation


  1. Virtualbox 5 or VMware Workstation
  2. Elastix 4 ISO image which you can download from here (Download)

One you have the above both items then we are ready to install our Elastix 4 PBX installtion



Create new Virtual Machine

  1. Launch your virtualbox Manager and Click on New

elastix virtualbox


2.  Configure as below

elastix virtualbox


3.  Assign 2 GB RAM


     4.  Select Create a virtual Hard disk now



5.  Select Create Virtual Disk manager

6. Select Dynamically allocated

7. Assign 25 GB Hard disk

8. Click Create at bottom



Configure Network and mount Elastix ISO image


  1. Right Click on your virtual machine and click on settings



2. Click on Network from Left and the select Attached to: Bridged Adapter and from below your real or physical

Network card.



3.  To mount ISO image click on Storage from left and from right select empty icon and then from the right choose

virtual optical disk file (you need to browns and select the ISO file available in your hard drive)




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Install Elastix PBX

  1. Once your Virtual Machine is ready as explained above you should start your virtual machine and select Install Elastix 4 and hit enter

elastix 4 virtual machine


2.   Once you reached to Centor Installation Summary you need to configure the following

  • Date and Time according to your time zone
  • Install Destination (Select the Hard drive we created for this virtual machine)
  • Keyboard
  • Network and Hostname





3. Enter your root password


elastix 4 root password




4. Now Enter your SQL root password and admin password (remember admin password will be used to login via

web GUI Page)


5. Now your virtual machine will reboot one and now should be able to login as root and Web Gui admin



Now this was very easy and quick way to install your Elastix PBX on virtual machine. I hope you have enjoyed the article and if you want to watch this as video tutorial click on below link


Elastix PBX 4 Video Tutorial