Install Freepbx 14 on Vultr VPS with custom ISO for just 5$

You guys must be wondering how on earth it’s possible to Install Freepbx 14 on Vultr VPS using distro ISO for just 5$ ? Well this is possible if you are planning to deploy PBX for 3 to 5 extension and with one SIP trunk with Service Provider.

If you are planning to buy on premises any well known PBX Solution, the solution will not cost you less than 3 figure Dollors and why would you want to invent thousand plus dollors in just 3 to 5 extension office. So in this tutorial which i used just for the demo purpose but yet it’s good enough for 5 extension deployment, i’ll show you how to useĀ  $5 VPS server for Freepbx using distro ISO image.


If you are looking to start your own Cloud VoIP Business Then you should definately need these 2 below guids



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