So yesterday night someone approached from Fiveer and asked me whether i can integrate Avaya SIP Phone with Asterisk for him. i wasn’t sure if that would be even possible because i’ve hardly seen, experts out there even tried.


Avaya integrating with Asterisk


So i was in middle of X-Man movie and i simply replied yes i can help you with XX $ charges and continue watching my movie.

When i got back home it was already 2:00 am in the morning and was too tired to do anything. But one things was in my mind that how i’m gonna make that phone work with PBX.

I quickly grab my LAB  Avaya 9620c IP Phone and start looking for Avaya SIP Firmware, it was challenge for me because i had no AVAYA CM ready in my LAB and i’m not too brilliant with setting up Web server.

Then during my research on this task i came across to one wonderful tool from Avaya which helped me to upgrade my phone from h.323 to SIP release.

Once enter the SIP details in my Phone, i couldn’t believe it that my Avaya 9620c is connected to Asterisk (Elastix) PBX.


Avaya phone with asterisk

Integrate Avaya SIP Phone with Asterisk

Now above image illustrates the status of Avaya SIP Phone and it’s now connected to my Elastix Asterisk PBX. The below image shows the SIP extension configuration


integrate Avaya SIP Phone with Asterisk

I’ll try share my procedure in other post that how exactly i achieved this Phone working with Asterisk PBX

If you have any questions, fell free to ask below