How to Configure Avaya Aura Contact Center High Availability HA Step by Step AACC 6.4

How to Configure Avaya Aura Contact Center High Availability HA

AACC High Availability Configuration Procedure

Avaya Aura Contact Center High Availability Requirement

Today after long time i got a chance to configure AACC High Availability Configuration and get time to record the session. This is AML Based implementation with Avaya Aura Call Server CS1K 7.5
I’ll do my level best in this article i’ll explain and show the requirement of AACC High Availability.

Hardware & Software Requirement

The very import point you should take under consideration
  • 2 Servers according to your deployment plan
  • Windows 2008 R2 Operating System
  • Make sure both server have same partition level and the drive letter
  • Make sure both servers have same level of Hot fixes and Patch Level 

AACC Installation

If you want to learn “How to Installa Avaya Aura Contact Center AACC” then you call follow the installation procedure from this link, and can come back to this article to pursue your HA configuration

HA Configuration

So at this moment i’m assuming that you AACC installation has been completed on your AACC Active and Standby.
Below are the quick points you need to follow to make your HA properly configured.
  1. Configure your Active server with all configuration, e.g Agents, TN, DN, Scripting all
  2. Once your Active server configuration is completed, Backup your Active server via AACC Database Maintenance tool
  3. restore your Active server Database in  Standby Server via Maintenance tool.
  4. Now configure your Active server as below example
AACC Active Server
as you can see above your active server is configured and all the Services are up in active server

AACC Standby

  1. Once your Active Server is configured as HA, you can continue your HA configuration on standby server as shown below (Please make sure your have Latest Database restore on standby server before HA Configuration)
If you nice the above image show the standby server configuration HA and the services are stopped.

I’ve covered the all major requirement for AACC HA configuration, but to see how HA Switchover works, please follow the video tutorial below and it will make the concept more clear for you,

How to Configure Avaya Aura Contact Center High Availability HA Step by Step AACC 6.4

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