Register Yealink CP930WP With Avaya IPO

So there was a task where i was requested to register Yealink CP930WP with Avaya IPO (Dect Conferance Phone). This look pretty simple and 15 minute job as i’ve have done this before and also there are tone or articles and documents out there who speak about registering Yealink Phones with Avaya system.

But this task took me about 3 hours and this is how i Yealink CP930WP With Avaya IPO

  1. 1st Create SIP Extension in Avaya IPO

2. Create a new User and Assign same extension you just created Above and also configure Login code for this user.

3. Last thing on Avaya IPO you want to check is Make sure your SIP license available.

4. Now Login on Yealink CP930WP Conferance Phone and Follow the image

Once you enter the above details your Yealink Phone should be REGISTERED